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My Fun Space » Unusual accident during sex

Unusual accident during sex

September 19, 2009 LifeStyle


Kissing should be pretty safe. But the recent event that has befallen the Chinese one, which is ogluvela after a passionate kiss, we said that we think the opposite.

According to doctors this unfortunate girl, kiss the reduced pressure in the mouth, which is transferred to the Tympanic opnu ear and caused constipation. Fortunately the girl will once again be able to hear through two months.

This all leads to the thought through what all the “tragedy” for the sake of love people go (or passion).

Bruises, scratches, “plum” are normal after sexual intercourse, but make sure you do not happen some of the following accidents:

1. Burst capillaries in the eyes during intense orgasm.

2. Swallowing condoms during oral sex.

3. Fracture of the penis! Although very rare, these injuries during the sexual act requires immediate medical help.

4. Foreign body in the vagina or rectum. Do not overdo the size of toys that you use during sex.

5. Excessive convergence with jakuzijem can lead to entry of air in the abdomen, which is not healthy.

Perhaps we the sexual act funny accidents while they read, but certainly not any people who have experienced them. Therefore, carefully during sexual activity. Enjoy but do not overdo it.

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