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My Fun Space » Ten Most Funny Beard Styles a Man can Have!

Ten Most Funny Beard Styles a Man can Have!

October 26, 2010 Funny

Beard plays an important distinction between men, it gives a person a new look, a new vibe. People like having different styles of beard and make their face look more macho thus attracting several beautiful women.

There are others who just like these and carry it as a style statement and then there are freaks, jerks who are just obsessed with keeps stupid yet funny beard style… you can’t wait to see them… so can’t I.


Now that’s something, long beard, unmanaged hair on face, head and possibly everywhere. I wonder why haven’t they heard the name of a salon or grooming center. Even if they don’t have money, charity’s aren’t dead.


Woah! Crazy Curls, people in the past were really having a lot of time or very few pounds in their pockets. Maybe keeping a big full fledged beard was a hep fashion in 70s which maybe the reason that provoked this action of theirs.


WONDERING WHY: there is a goatee missing from the man on the left, he could have easily grown a goatee and become the man who loved hair on and off his body :P The knitted man on the right must  have had a great zeal in sewing sweater, he couldn’t find clothes so used his hair as thread.


O Man, these basketball players are truly international, to gain public attention they might wear a spider-man super suit next. The man on the right, did you recognize him – he is Bill Clinton former American President – photo-shopped to have the Albus Dumbledoor alike beard.


The guy loves ginnie pigs so made something off his beard, see the affection between his beard and the moron on the left. Crazy… The man on the right is… *drumroll* James Hetfield, the lead vocalist and rhythmic for one of the most influential rock band of all time – Metallica.

I may be a big metallica fan you never know, but this guy’s goatee is truly a style statement, their music rocks the heck out of people and he surely knows it.

So… these were the most funny and weirdo kind of beard style, did you like these share with us! :)

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  6. Mr. Bihzor says:

    Your English is absolutely HORRIBLE, and none of this is the least bit funny whatsoever.
    Why don’t you try posting stuff in your own language for people in your own country?
    It’s possible that they might find it funny (it could be a cultural difference), and you may even be funny in your native language (anything’s possible).

  7. sonicmind says:

    Tell that to my writter LOL

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