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Famous hoaxes

June 21, 2010 Entertainment

1. Autopsy Roswell UFO alien.

In 1995, British film producer Ray Santilli unveiled a sensational video with the alleged 1947 alien autopsy dead (Roswell UFO incident). It later emerged that it was a fake with fake humanoids, taken at the initiative of Santilli. In 2006, the incident was beaten in a British television comedy with Anthony and Declan Donnelly MakPartinom (pictured).

2. Cardiff giant.

In 1868, American archaeologist, George Hull of Binghamton moved from Chicago in Cardiff, New York, and buried on the farm of his brother carved from plaster three-meter giant. Giant right hand clutching his stomach, as if at the time of death, suffering from pain. During the two years of preparation hoax George Hull Sharps created the smallest details: the nails on the fingers of sculpture, nostrils, genitals, and the pores on the skin. A year later, on Oct. 15, 1869, workers discovered a burial. People believe that they face a fossilized giant, or at the very least, an ancient statue, and tourists throng the farm. The famous impresario PT Barnum offered for the discovery of 50 thousand dollars, but he refused. Then he created his own giant and announced that he had bought the same original. We started the trial, during which each side claimed that the opponent has a forgery. As a result, Hull admitted that the giant from Cardiff – a hoax.

3. The boy on the ball.

October 15, 2009 the world excited about the news of the six year old boy Falcon Hin from Colorado, swept away a home-made balloon. The boy is seriously threatened as it might freeze or break. When the ball landed on one of the fields, and rescuers rushed to rescue the boy, but did not find it in the basket. There are reports that the boy could fall out of the basket during the flight. However, it soon became clear that the boy was alive and well and do not fly away, and all of this rally, organized by parents Falcon. Previously, they had already participated in the reality show and wanted to become famous again. As a result, they had opened a criminal case.

4. Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion “- appeared in the early XX century in Russia and received wide distribution in the world collection of texts of the publishers as documents of the world Jewish conspiracy. Some argued that it records the participants’ reports Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 in the text sets out plans for the conquest of Jewish world domination, penetration into the structure of governance, the taking of non-Jews under control, the eradication of other religions. While it has long been proved that the “Protocols” are anti-Semitic hoaxes, there are still many supporters of their reliability. Especially this point of view prevalent in the Islamic world. In some countries, the study of “Protocols” even included in school curricula. (In the photo the Syrian newspaper “Protocols”, 2005).

5. Microsoft I: Catholic Microsoft.

In 1994, the Internet appeared “the press release Microsoft», in which he asserted that Microsoft has acquired the Catholic Church. The document was presented to Bill Gates allegedly belonged to the words: “Combined resources of Microsoft and the Catholic Church will allow us to make religion easier and more fun for a broader range of people.” “Press release” was so widespread that Gates had to publish a refutation. The incident went down in history as the first large-scale Internet hoax.

6. Microsoft II: E-mail will make you rich.

Another wonderful (and far more complicated) hoax involving Microsoft began around the same time as the “Catholic” incident. Customers began receiving bogus messages from the company Microsoft, supposedly offering to participate in a very important study. For this we must send a letter received by his friends. For each supersaturation company is ready to pay $ 245. But that’s not all. If the person to whom the letter was forwarded, in turn, send it to someone else, then the first sender receives a $ 245 even 241. And so on. Wanted to raise money for sending letters has been very much.

7. Sid Finch – a phenomenal pitcher.

In April 1985 American Journal of Sports Illustrated published a story about buying a new baseball team New York Mets. It was reported that a player Sid Finch (Sidd Finch), who throws the ball with amazing speed – 270 km / h (almost 2 times faster than other players) and never misses. And this despite the fact that Sid did not even play this game before. To achieve such amazing results he supposedly helped to classes in Tibetan monastery under the guidance of the great lamas Milaraspa. As is usually the case, many believed in the story, and Sports Illustrated was swamped with requests to tell readers more about the unique player. The article was joke, contrived journalist George Plymton (pictured).

8. Hitler Diaries.

In 1983, the authoritative German magazine Stern published extracts from the sensational allegedly discovered diaries of Adolf Hitler’s. Several notebooks with records of the Fuhrer “1932-45 years. magazine worth several million marks. It soon turned out that Hitler’s diaries – a fake. The exposure was even greater sensation than the diaries themselves. It was later revealed that the hoax were former Nazis, eager to rehabilitate the image of Hitler.

9. Drawing Sarah Palin. .

During the last presidential election race in the U.S. candidate for the vice-presidency from the Republican Party Sarah Palin was the victim of a telephone lottery Canadian comedian and broadcaster Marc-Antoine Odette claiming to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In a telephone conversation Palin had time to discuss with Nicolas Sarkozy of “political questions, the complexity of walking on hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney and, of course, the beautiful wife of French president.” During the conversation several times Audette quite transparently hinted that it was a hoax, but it is up to the end and did not understand this. For example, he said that following the election campaign with the help of his adviser in the U.S. French singer Johnny Holliday, a Canadian singer Stef Kars “the French president has called Prime Minister of Canada. But Sarah showed no surprise. At the end of the conversation “Nicolas Sarkozy said he liked the” documentary “about Palin, they mention the pornographic tape titled” Nailin `Paylin”, removed the founder of Hustler magazine with the actress, like a Sarah Palin for that candidate for vice Presidents said: “Wow, thanks a lot.” And only after that Audette opened her eyes to what is happening, saying his real name and radio station, which is working.

10. Drawing at the Munich Olympics.

During the Munich Olympics in 1972 resourceful German student Norbert Sadhaus deftly joined forty-two-kilometer marathon, when the end was less than a kilometer, easily overtook the tired athletes, arrived first and found himself in the limelight, as the Olympic champion. “ However, sports fame lasted long – officials quickly exposed it. But he went down in history as an outstanding humorist.

11. Fake Bigfoot.

In August 2008 the world learned that science has finally been made available to Bigfoot. True, the dead, but in excellent condition. This was announced at a press conference in Palo Alto (California) “Cryptozoology” Tom Biskardi and two hunters for the snow man – Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton. Upon closer examination, however, revealed that “the corpse of Bigfoot” – just a rubber gorilla suit. Nevertheless, the hoax was a success for the glory: the sensational news about the yeti is not reprinted only lazy, but pictures rubber gorilla in the refrigerator floated so far to illustrate an article about Bigfoot. It is noteworthy that in 2005 Biskardi already arranged something like this and not bad profited from selling access to online viewings allegedly in his possession of the remains of Bigfoot, which so nobody saw.

12. Bathtub hoax.

In 1917, the popular New York edition of the «New York Evening Mail» appeared fake story bathtubs in the United States, written by journalist Henry Menkenom specifically to demonstrate how easily any hung to deceive the public through the media. The paper quoted “facts” of how reluctantly accepted the United States appeared there in the mid-19 th century baths. Tub was supposedly officially recognized as harmful to health in connection with which some places, these procedures were assessed draconian taxes, fewer restrictions or banned altogether. Despite the falsity of information in this article, or even the absurdity, it was widely known and has been repeatedly quoted in various publications and even serious scientific work. Only eight years later, Mencken published a self-exposure. But it is not, however, especially damage the reputation of false stories baths. For example, in 1952, President Truman cited article Menken in a speech on health care, and in 2004 the “Washington Post” gave a false fact in her column, “I bet you did not know that ….”

13. The first snapshot of Nessie.

In 1934, the British “Daily Mail” appeared first in the history of snapshot Loch Ness monster, a legend of which existed long ago. Author Snapshot, a London surgeon, Wilson claimed that filmed the monster accidentally when walking around. As of 1994, it was determined that the image imprinted on Nessie – a fake, made by Wilson and his three accomplices. Two of the accomplices, Wilson voluntarily confessed to the crime, the first recognition (in 1975) remained without public attention, since faith in the honesty of Dr. Wilson, it would seem, who had no motive to deceive, was unwavering.

14. Sinistral hamburger.

April 1, 1998 fast-food chain Burger King published in the magazine USA Today ad on a new hamburger: “Left-Handed Whopper”, specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans. Following the announcement, the novelty had the same composition as the original Whopper, but all the ingredients were rotated 180 degrees in the interests of its customers – left-handers. The following day Burger King issued a rebuttal, saying that although the “Left-Handed Whopper” was no more than a festive joke, thousands of customers demanding its restaurants in the new sandwich. And even more – Whopper, designed exclusively for right-handers.

15. Autobiography of Howard Hughes.

In the early seventies, American writer Clifford Irving was the author of the loudest literary hoaxes 20 th century. After a series of writers’ failures, he decided to fraud: the creation of fake authorized biography of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. Pulls this off successfully, and Irving has brought money and fame, but eventually he was convicted of fraud and was in prison. In 2006, history was reflected in the film “Hoax” with Richard Gere.

16. Leap from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge at a cost of $ 16 million and claimed 26 lives. Thereafter followed a bridge entrenched evil reputation: with him into the waters of the East River, caught a lot of suicides. However, the first jump from the bridge was completely “safe.” A desperate young man, Steve Brodie, supposedly on a bet jumped into the water from a height of 42 meters, witnessed by his buddies. Subsequently, it became clear that Steve’s pals threw a dummy off the bridge, and he was simply at the right time, swam to the right place. But the revelation did not prevent Brodie for a long time to exploit the fame of the heroic diver with the Brooklyn Bridge.

17. Circles in the fields.

Certificates of mysterious figures in the fields existed since time immemorial. Particularly rich in them, England, and especially in recent decades. In 1991, two British artists, Dave Chorley and Doug Bauer, said that all the circles discovered in the last 13 years at the British corn fields, created by their hands. They said that they managed to fool the scientists, farmers’ organizations and government agencies. With poles, planks and rope artists have reproduced quite authentic circle in a corn field in Kent. However, it has convinced few – too prosaic …

18. Paul is dead.

The legend of the death of Paul McCartney, known as the Paul is dead (Paul is dead) says that Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in 1966 and was replaced by a twin with similar appearance and voice. Supporters of the legends associated cessation of concert performances of this year, namely the death of Paul (although the concerts stopped before the alleged dates of the death of McCartney). The evidence used by supporters of the legend “keys” in the works of the Beatles (music, lyrics, design album covers), supposedly included there specifically to hint at the death of Paul. Among the evidence – the sounds, supposedly audible when you scroll through records back, all sorts of vague metaphors in songs, suggestive images, etc. Some of these “keys” are not consistent with each other or with known facts from the life of McCartney and other members of the group. It is not always clear whether it is a joke or a “conspiracy theory”. The legend of the death of Paul McCartney has repeatedly been studied by sociologists. It was also alleged that the rumors about the death of Paul deliberately dismissed by Beatle, as a hoax or a publicity stunt. All four band members have repeatedly denied this.

19. Shroud of Turin.

For many believers (as in this photo 78-year) Shroud of Turin, kept the Cathedral of John the Baptist in Turin – the indisputable relic, but an inquisitive scientific mind is not satisfied with religious dogma in an effort to find the truth in all its details. Numerous scientific studies – from historical to radiocarbon dating – have questioned the authenticity of the relics, but not quite convincingly refute nor confirm the authenticity of the Shroud scientific way so far failed. At the moment there are at least 1300 documented hypotheses on the Shroud of Turin. According to one of the most popular versions of the shroud – the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, and it captures the medieval genius himself (that is, for example, confirms the radiocarbon analysis, relevant when creating the shroud to the period of the life of Leonardo).

21. War of the Worlds.

Pseudo-radopostanovka War of the Worlds “by HG Wells, directed by his namesake, Orson Welles, and aired on the eve of All Saints on Oct. 30, 1938, caused panic among millions of the East Coast and parts of Canada. Radio play was made in the form of a report about the real invasion of Martians. The reliability of staging gave the game with radioshkaloy, that is included in the broadcasts of other stations, and a fake address of President Roosevelt. Taking everything in reality, people fought hysterically, jumped out of windows, grabbed the first available under the hand and ran out of houses. Roads sounded the mass of cars that raced, not observing the rules. In state institutions, police stations, hospitals, the phone rings incessantly, people begged to save them. Militant citizens demanded to inventory and to distribute arms to the people, urgently mined roads on the route of the Martians, and even send them pilots suicide bomb filled with airplanes. There were also witnesses who claimed that their eyes have seen all the excesses of the Martians, and only narrowly escaped death. Their graphic descriptions only fueled the panic. Fortunately, the morning of passion subsided, people began to calm down and return to their homes, and Orson Welles went down in history as the man who managed to scare America.

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